Findom, Pegging, Strapon blowjob (receiving), Consensual non consent, Spitting, Humiliation, Degradation, Worship, Verbal Abuse, Pay to view, Pay to be ignored, Trampling, Hypnosis, Mind Fucks, Edging, Spitting, Dirty Talk , Heelworship, Sissification, Genderfucking, Foot Worship, Humiliation, Intox, Puppy Play, Caning, Ball Kicking, Asphyxiaphilia, Latex Roleplay, SPH , Fearplay , Ballbusting ,Gagging, Slapping, Whipping, Bondage, Restraints , Chastity training and more.

* can be adapted to suit the individual’s interests.

Intimate body worship is NOT available.

Cash point meets

Only contact me to hand your life over.
I will extract your bank account, mind and use you until you feel nothing left.
I will only do pre-discussed sessions in depth or get to know my slaves very well and selectively until I decide to have full control of their mind.

Is the threat real? Interrogation, Mind fucks, consensual blackmail, intense, filthy mind fucking, let go of all responsibilities and give into the rush.
I will push you to the edge then bring you back up so I can send you back to work to earn more for me. I will improve your life rather than drain you and leave you with nothing. Let me help you with your Findom “addiction”, I will help you manage your uncontrollable impulses and change it from a drain, crash and burn to ongoing personal training as a purposeful lifestyle choive. All limits must be discussed before a drain or arrangement. Obviously, any contact with me is tributed for, contact me for a consultation if you are serious about this and identify with the fetish. Pre discussed consensual Findom Sessions can be arranged following my booking protocol here or on scarlet blue.

Too busy? Too shy? Want to keep your dirty little secrets at a safe distance?
$60 phone humiliation sessions
$80 for personalized custom clip*
$100 video chat /snap/skype session
$150 xxx heavy degradation/ taboo fantasy sessions

*Rates for custom clips can vary on content and length

*Please note this is not a full service. I also do not offer submissive services. All play is consensual, safe and boundaries are to be mutually respected at all times.<

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